Saturday, 12 October 2013

Ten Top Tips for Your Ageing Skin

1. Cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin, using products that suit your particular skin type
2. Ageing skin is usually dehydrated and dry; therefore look for products that hydrate dry skin
3. A good moisturiser is a skin’s saviour when ageing due to it reducing water loss throughout your skin. It also prevents tightness & flakiness.  Search for ingredients like Rosehip Seed oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter plus Vitamins A, C & E
4. Use a daily SPF throughout the year. This is a great weapon against further ageing of the skin and also stops brown facial spots from getting worse. Over exposure to too much sun is what causes pigmentation, so make sure to have the habit of using a good SPF. Also apply to your hands instead of using hand cream
5. Nowadays, toners are not always a necessity but hydrating sprays can be useful during day hours to freshen and hydrate (including stopping make-up look powdery)

6. Try and avoid using soap as it strips moisture from your face, your cleanser should be gentle to the skin. Instead opt for creamy or foam cleansers that can be washed off

7. Because the skin around your eyes is very delicate, try and use a suitable eye cream. A good eye cream or serum will fill out lines around your eyes and hydrate your skin
8. Exfoliate is vital for retaining healthy skin. As we age, our cell reproduction decreases dramatically causing a build-up of dead skin cells, which make skin look dull and prevents facial creams from penetrating effectively. Use gentle exfoliators over a large grain scrub and aim to use this twice weekly
9. A silk pillowcase is a great treat for your skin. As well as being luxurious, silk feels divine on your skin and you will wake without a bedhead or facial creases. It also prevents frizzy and tangled hair. Cotton pillowcases will absorb your face cream during the night, reducing the moisturising aspect.
10. About twice a week try ad use a firming or moisterising facial mask, preferably after having exfoliated first which helps the mask to absorb easier. This can give a moisture boost and plump the skin, combatting dehydration. Apply it generously allowing 15 to 20 minutes for it to penetrate. 

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Why a Silk Pillow Case Is Good For Your Hair, Three Great Reasons

There are many reasons why you should choose a silk pillowcase instead of a traditional cotton pillowcase. Over recent years, silk pillowcases have gained increasing popularity, not only as a lush and opulent addition to your current bedding, but also as a beauty product for great looking hair and health. Here are the top three reasons why a silk pillow case is great for your hairdo and style: 

Silk Breaths 

You spend about a third of your life in bed lying on your pillowcases. There is no other material that your hair has direct contact with for so long as your pillowcase. The material used in your pillowcase is therefore very important to obtain healthy and beautiful looking hair. The moisture-wicking property of silk is one of the features that make silk pillowcases a good investment in the beauty of your hair. Silk can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture, for example your perspiration, and still remains dry. Moisture is wicked away from your hair providing you with a comfortable nights sleep and it keeps your hair looking healthy, shiny and non-frizzy for longer. 

No Irritation 

Cotton pillowcases have a coarser texture, which may cause your hair to tangle, break and become frizzy when you move your head around or rub it against the pillow each night. Unlike cotton versions, a silk pillow case is made of smooth and perfectly formed fibers. This means that resting on a silk pillowcase will not cause any irritation to your locks. Silk fibers have a similar structure to human hair, containing 97% amino acids and 3% waxy and fat fibers. This helps reduce hair damage, such as split ends and also stimulates hydration, giving shinier hair. 

No Chemicals 

Among the many amazing & wonderful properties of silk, you can include the chemical-free composition. Our 100% mulberry silk is manufactured in a controlled environment without any chemical exposure. While cotton pillowcases are produced from chemically treated crops, the silkworms that produce SilkKiss silk are fed with mulberry leaves that wont use pesticides nor any other chemicals to grow. This means that your hair will be much happier and healthier when you sleep on your silk pillow case. A silk pillowcase is one of the most, if not THE most important part of your bedding as it stays in contact with your hair and skin for about a third of your life. What better material to use for your pillow case than 100% pure silk, the lushest and most luxurious fabric in existence? A silk pillowcase is a fantastic investment which can offer you smooth and healthy looking hair, soft and hydrated skin, a comfortable beauty sleep, and, naturally, a most lush feeling that no other manmade fabrics can match. 

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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Did You Know That a Silk Pillowcase Guarantees Non Frizzy Hair

Did you know that a silk pillowcase almost certainly guarantees non frizzy hair and keeps it glossy? I am an advocate of silk, partly because of the natural and organic aspects of the material, but even more so having trialled and tested silk pillow cases for years and coming to the conclusion that it has definitely benefitted both my skin and hair enormously. I regularly receive complements about my skin and complexion. No doubt I can thank my family genes for this but on the whole, my hair is always soft and smooth but whenever I travel and spend time in a hotel or elsewhere on cotton pillowcases, without fail I wake up with messy, frizzy and slightly static hair.

I’ve since decided that taking my SilkKiss silk pillowcase with me on travels is the way forward for me.

Mulberry silk has been cultivated in China and East Asia for centuries and the serum within the silk cocoon is heavily used within the beauty industry. Have a look in your cupboard and read up about the can guarantee you that some of these will contain traces of the silk serum which is extracted from the silk cocoon before its being spun into fabric.

Having researched the processes of how silk material is produced, I am now fully clued up as to why silk is not the cheapest fabric and does require some investment. As with any quality material, investing a bit more in the beginning makes you benefit all the more in the long run. When treated properly, silk pillowcases will last so much longer over your regular cotton bed sheets as the strength of the weave is superior over any other. Have you ever wondered why your granny still owns her silk pyjamas from the 1950’s? It’s because they have endured time! And so will your SilkKiss silk pillowcases if you follow treatment instructions on the FAQ section of the SilkKiss website.

Because, after all, we all seek to look younger for longer! And why not try and do this with a product that actually lasts! Use our pillow cases as an addition to your existing bedding or to compliment your current bed sheets. They go extremely well with light, airy and natural colours. We like to take inspiration from Kelly Hoppen designed interiors or The White Company items. Our SilkKiss 16 momme products have an elegant and subtle shimmer to them, without making the material too shiny and tacky. They make for great gifts to wife, girlfriend or mum and are equally popular with males. So go online and order your Silk Kiss now!

SilkKiss has been recommended by the biggest glossies in the country including Vogue, GQ, Marie Claire, Easy Living, Home & Garden and CondeNast Traveller. We currently have a 15% discount promotion on; All you have to do is use the promotional code ELPROMO13 to take advantage of this one-off exclusive offer. Happy shopping!

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Monday, 17 September 2012

SilkKiss Silk Pillowcases: Beauty tips for Busy Mums

SilkKiss Silk Pillowcases: Beauty tips for Busy Mums

For Peaceful Sleep, Get Silk Pillowcases

There is no denying that a good sleep is dependent on the bedding essentials on which we sleep. From the mattress to the pillows, from the bed covers to the pillowcases, every single thing has an impact in delivering the best sleep to us. If any one of these is not comfortable, then it is quite obvious that it will affect our sleep in one way or the other.

So, it is important to have such bedding essentials that are not only attractive but at the same time, are comfortable to sleep on. If they are just pleasing to the eyes, it won't do any good in making us feel relaxed. Hence, it should be kept in mind that whenever you go to buy new bedding sets for your place, they should be comfortable to the core.

Likewise, a pillow should be such that it offers the best comfort level to your head. Choose the one that is made up of silk. This will help in giving you a really peaceful sleep. A silk pillowslip is not only lavish to look at but comes with certain unique characteristics that make it absolutely wonderful to be used.

With them, you don't have to worry about the allergens that are there on your bed. Silk helps in keeping allergens like bed bugs and dust mites away from it, and when you have it in the form of your bedding essentials; you are likely to have a comfortable sleep that stays undisturbed by such allergens.

Moreover, those who have been using silk pillowcases since long validate the point that using them helps in reducing the occurrence of fine lines on the skin. This happens owing to the moisture retention characteristic of silk, which doesn't let silk to soak the moisture off your face, giving you a radiant and smooth silk.

There are some other commendable features as well that help in justifying the point that these products are really beneficial to be used if you covet to have a relaxing and comforting sleep at night. Since silk contains 18 vital amino acids, it does wonders for the human skin and studies have revealed that this has also benefited human beings by calming their nervous systems.

Well, the advantages that silk proffers are much more than the cost that is associated with buying it. Therefore having it for your home and making it a part of your bedding is a great thing to do. Just go online and buy at There won't be anything as divine as having a great sleep after a tiring day!

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Friday, 24 August 2012

5 everyday habits that ruin your looks

There are lots of things we do every single day that ruin our looks, from washing our hair to talking to our friends. To make sure you stay looking pretty, fresh-faced and perfect, check out this list and make sure you don’t do any of these habits that ruin your appearance. If you do find some of your habits on this list, we’ll also give you remedies and solutions to each and every beauty dilemma.

Everyday habit that ruins your looks: Sleeping 
Although every princess needs her beauty sleep, sleeping could be causing your skin to age unnecessarily. The problem with sleeping is not the process itself. The problem lies with your pillowcase. Surprisingly your pillowcase can draw moisture away from you and this can age skin. It can also leave unattractive lines over your face.
To combat your pillowcase problem dermatologists recommend you invest in a silk pillow case. Silk contains amino acids, similar to those found in our moisturisers, so when we rest our heads for the night our skin is not losing any essential moisture. Problem solved.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Hair loss during chemotherapy - hair tips

    One of our customers called in to purchase a silk pillowcase after having battled leukaemia. She was worried about her hair growing back and wanted it to stay as healthy as possible. We received an email from her after having received our silk pillowcase, as follows: 
    Subject: 'Delight'. Message: 'The pillowcase arrived this morning. It is absolutely beautiful, and I am keeping it for my Italian holiday.'  
    Chemotherapy can temporarily damage the rapidly dividing cells in your hair follicles, causing hair loss. You may not only lose hair from your scalp, but also from your face and body. However, not all people receiving chemotherapy experience hair loss to the same degree, even when they’re undergoing the same treatment. And some people don’t experience it at all.
    While hair loss can be one of the most emotionally difficult side effects of chemotherapy, it’s important to remember that it’s almost always temporary. Hair usually starts to grow back about a month to six weeks after treatment ends. It’s common for it to grow back a slightly different color or texture at first.
    Here are some tips for dealing with hair loss:
    • If you decide on a wig or a hairpiece, have it ready before you begin treatment
    • As an alternative to a wig, you might consider scarves, baseball caps, or turbans, or simply leaving your head uncovered
    • As soon as you begin therapy, use a soft bristle brush and avoid brushing or pulling your hair too much. For instance avoid braiding or placing hair in a ponytail.
    • Use mild, gentle shampoo and conditioners, and gently pat your hair dry
    • Use a silk pillowcase, which is very gentle to the hair
    • Avoid coloring, perming, or relaxing your hair
    • Avoid using hair dryers, electric rollers, or curling or flat irons
    • Consider shaving your head at the first sign of hair loss, so you’re more in control of the process
    • Use sunscreen or a hat or scarf to protect your scalp from the sun
    • In cold weather, use a hat or scarf to prevent the loss of body heat

  • We hope the above tips are useful!