Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Did You Know That a Silk Pillowcase Guarantees Non Frizzy Hair

Did you know that a silk pillowcase almost certainly guarantees non frizzy hair and keeps it glossy? I am an advocate of silk, partly because of the natural and organic aspects of the material, but even more so having trialled and tested silk pillow cases for years and coming to the conclusion that it has definitely benefitted both my skin and hair enormously. I regularly receive complements about my skin and complexion. No doubt I can thank my family genes for this but on the whole, my hair is always soft and smooth but whenever I travel and spend time in a hotel or elsewhere on cotton pillowcases, without fail I wake up with messy, frizzy and slightly static hair.

I’ve since decided that taking my SilkKiss silk pillowcase with me on travels is the way forward for me.

Mulberry silk has been cultivated in China and East Asia for centuries and the serum within the silk cocoon is heavily used within the beauty industry. Have a look in your cupboard and read up about the can guarantee you that some of these will contain traces of the silk serum which is extracted from the silk cocoon before its being spun into fabric.

Having researched the processes of how silk material is produced, I am now fully clued up as to why silk is not the cheapest fabric and does require some investment. As with any quality material, investing a bit more in the beginning makes you benefit all the more in the long run. When treated properly, silk pillowcases will last so much longer over your regular cotton bed sheets as the strength of the weave is superior over any other. Have you ever wondered why your granny still owns her silk pyjamas from the 1950’s? It’s because they have endured time! And so will your SilkKiss silk pillowcases if you follow treatment instructions on the FAQ section of the SilkKiss website.

Because, after all, we all seek to look younger for longer! And why not try and do this with a product that actually lasts! Use our pillow cases as an addition to your existing bedding or to compliment your current bed sheets. They go extremely well with light, airy and natural colours. We like to take inspiration from Kelly Hoppen designed interiors or The White Company items. Our SilkKiss 16 momme products have an elegant and subtle shimmer to them, without making the material too shiny and tacky. They make for great gifts to wife, girlfriend or mum and are equally popular with males. So go online and order your Silk Kiss now!

SilkKiss has been recommended by the biggest glossies in the country including Vogue, GQ, Marie Claire, Easy Living, Home & Garden and CondeNast Traveller. We currently have a 15% discount promotion on; All you have to do is use the promotional code ELPROMO13 to take advantage of this one-off exclusive offer. Happy shopping!


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